The owners of Butterhorn have opened a restaurant that offers food with a Midwestern flair in downtown Bismarck.

KFYR-TV reports that the owners of Butterhorn in Bismarck have started a new restaurant called Shelter Belt. The restaurant's chef told KFYR-TV that he encourages customers to try new things, like their cookie salad that a step above the stuff you would eat at a potluck. You read that right, Shelter Belt has cookie salad, as well as other Midwestern favorite foods, don't cha know?

Shelter Belt's food will be a lot of traditional dishes with a twist.

According to Shelter Belt's Facebook page, the restaurant serves "quality and flavorful food with a midwestern flair." And the restaurant actually opened at the perfect time of the year because they also boast about having the largest patio in downtown Bismarck. Shelter Belt will be open for lunch and dinner.

It is so important to support local businesses!

Local businesses are owned and operated by people who are a part of their communities. If you shop, eat, drink, or anything else with a local business, you are keeping your money local and working with people who know the community. Plus, local businesses offer unique things that just can't be found at bigger businesses.

The people who knew about Shelter Belt made sure to support a new local place. How do we know that? Well, on Wednesday (June 2) at lunchtime, the restaurant's food was sold out for the day.

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