The Bismarck Marathon is the longest-running marathon, not just in Bismarck, but in the entire state of North Dakota. This year, there will be some pretty big changes.

The Bismarck Marathon is a three-day event; it is scheduled for September 14th through 16th.

Last year, more than 1,500 runners participated in the event. Thirty-nine different states were represented in the run.

Event Schedule

The entire weekend will be filled with fun events for the whole family. The kids race, BisBark, the Pub Crawl, the mini marathon and more.

If you want more details or to see the full event schedule, you can check out the Bismarck Marathon website.

New Route

The Bismarck Marathon has always taken place at Cottonwood Park, but this year, there is an entirely new route.

Get ready for a change of scenery, the marathon will now start and finish at the Bismarck Capitol Grounds.

Marathon organizers made this announcement Friday of last week (Friday, July 21st).

Why The Change?

"The new route will give runners the perfect photo-finish, with the Capital building in the background," said Will Satler.

Runners will get to go through the capital grounds, and run through historic neighborhoods in downtown Bismarck. What a nice change of pace!


Runners are encouraged to register early for the race. Prices go up by $5 on August 1st. Keep in mind: space is limited, and each race is expected to sell out.

You can do the full marathon, half marathon, or 5k. To register, go to the Bismarck Marathon's website.

Thanks for reading. Have fun & run fast!


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