It's tough for anyone in North Dakota to be unbiased about this, but let's be honest, would we really expect anyone other than Carson Wentz to earn that designation?'s Adam Rank recently listed the most likable players from all 32 NFL teams. It's not to say these likable players are the best player on that team, or that they aren't the most exciting (NOT to say that Wentz isn't arguably both of those for the Eagles). Basically, if you were going to root for one player on that team, who would you root for?

Wentz is an obvious choice for the Eagles, much as some of the other teams' picks were. For instance, the Arizona Cardinals' most likable player is Larry Fitzgerald, the Detroit Lions' is Matthew Stafford, and the Houston Texans' is DeShaun Watson. The reasoning why Carson Wentz was picked with the particular title of the most likable player may be the most telling. Rank explains it as such:

I want to say the whole team, because the Eagles are a likeable bunch whom nobody (outside of the NFC East) could be mad at. But if I had to pick a guy, I'd go with Carson. Mostly because he's not super-sensitive about his backup winning a Super Bowl. Which probably isn't something you'd say of a lot of marquee QBs.

Anyone in North Dakota can tell you what type of character Carson Wentz has and he has become a fan-favorite in Philadelphia since he was drafted, not just for his play on-the-field, but off-the-field as well. As we say that, Wentz's AO1 Foundation is currently in the process of raising money to help build a new sports complex for children in Haiti. It's impossible to not root for someone doing what he's doing, so I think we can all agree that got this one right.



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