A few days after Nicki Minaj purportedly threw shade at Iggy Azalea at the 2014 BET Awards, the rapper went on Twitter Wednesday (July 2) to clarify the statements she made during her acceptance speech.

The 'Pills N Potion' artist makes it clear that her speech was about taking a stance on women writing and creating their own music in the rap game.

"I believe we're smart enough to write down our own thoughts and perspective, just like the men do. I've been saying this for 5 YEARS," she tweeted.

The Queen Barbz cites Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott as two influential artists who write and produce their own music. "Women MUST aspire for more," she writes.

Minaj insists that she wasn't throwing shots at Azalea during her speech at the BET Awards, but she wants women to strive to have their own voices heard in their music.

"I've congratulated Iggy on the success of Fancy, publicly. She should be very proud of that. All the women nominated should b proud," she tweeted. "That will never change my desire to motivate women to write. Our voices have to be heard. I hope I inspire up & coming females to do that."

Read Nicki Minaj's tweets below.

Overall, it seems that Nicki Minaj wants females rappers to stop having men write their rhymes. In essence, she wants rappers to step their bars up and stop using ghostwriters.

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