According to the Gallup-Healthway's Well-Being Index, North Dakota leads the nation in Well-Being.

According to the data,(conducted in 2013) just under 200,000 interviews were conducted nationwide, which took a look at Americans’ perceptions on the quality of life issues such as physical and emotional health, work environment, health and healthy behaviors, social factors, finances and the availability and the price of  food, shelter and healthcare to create a  well-being ranking for each state and community.


The top 5 states are North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana. Minnesota and North Dakota were two of six states Gallup Healthway's research showed as America’s top well-being states, by an average score of 68.4 or higher through all six years of the index’s existence. Hawaii, Utah, Colorado and Montana are the other three.

The bottom states include Ohio, West Virginia, Mississippi and Louisiana.