North Dakota farmers need the stretch of warm weather predicted for this coming week. According to the forecast, the next five days will be mild, temperatures in the 70's, light wind and very little rain is expected through Friday. According to the Red River Farm Network:

With the sunshine, growers started to venture into the field. “There are a lot of sticky fields yet, but guys are picking and choosing and getting something done,” said Tim Stanislawski, who is the wholesale rep in eastern North Dakota for the Helena Company. If the weather holds, growers and retailers will be working around the clock to get the crop in the ground and ready for the season ahead. “We’re going about a week later in most locations than last year. It’s going to make it a tighter crunch to get the crop in for this growing season.” Stanislawski recommends increased communication between the farmers and their retailers.


Locally, you can see the farmers working in the fields non stop while they have the chance and as the weather seems to be cooperating with them.  The first chance of real rain after Sunday will be Saturday and Sunday into Memorial Day Monday.