Some of us don't enjoy the spring months quite as much as others.


It's Allergy Season

If you're like me, your allergies are going crazy right now. Sniffling, itching, and sneezing -- it can be miserable.

Did you know, that there's a website that tells you not only what the top allergens are in North Dakota, but how likely it will be that our allergies will act up on a given day?

Pollen Predictor

Yes, has a pollen forecast. If you are the type that is constantly carrying around nasal sprays and is loaded up on allergy medicine, you might find this helpful and be able to plan a little better with this tool.

As a matter of fact, you can look up the pollen levels in any location, which might help if you plan on traveling out of North Dakota.

Top Allergens

So, what are the top allergens that are making what should be an enjoyable time itchy and miserable?

According to the source, juniper, alder, and elm are the top allergens in Bismarck-Mandan right now. These little devils are what's causing your discomfort.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead at the allergen forecast for Bismarck, it is going to get worse. We have some high-pollen days ahead. Pack extra tissues!

As miserable as it can be dealing with sinus stuff, I think we're all at the point where we'll take it over the cold. Bring on the pollen if you must!


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