Did you know that several people have claimed to see Bigfoot in North Dakota? Did you also know that there's an organization that tracks these sightings?


Look, I know you're probably reading this thinking it is silly, but according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, there have been sightings in four different North Dakota counties over the years.


Sighting 1 -- Class A

The oldest sighting occurred in April of 1962 outside of Minot, North Dakota, near the Minuteman Trailer Park. According to the report, a man named Dave Runkle claims he was hunting outside of the trailer park with a friend when on the way back they couldn't help but get the feeling that something or someone was following them.

Runkle stated that he eventually looked back and saw something that he initially thought was a great ape. He said it had long, shiny black hair all over its body, though it had none on its face or palms of its hands.

Runkle went on to describe the creature as being very tall with long arms. He made a special point to emphasize that the creature had a very malevolent expression on its face.

Runkle said the creature moved toward him and his friend, so they both sprinted away, back to his home, never looking back.


Sighting 2 -- Class B

This next sighting took place on February 22nd of 2004, 10 to 15 miles south of Mandaree near Highway 22. According to the source, a tribal government employee named Dennis Fox Jr. took pictures of footprints in the snow. The footprints had a stride of 5 to 6 feet. The man called the Game Warden to investigate.

According to the report, police officers and the Game Warden arrived at the scene and started looking for the creature.

They claimed to have seen something very tall, moving very fast.

Though Fox Jr. did photograph pictures of the footprints, he did it two days after discovering them, so the details of the prints were compromised. The report also states tracks were also found at Buffalo Ranch.


Sighting 3 -- Class A

In February 2004 there were a string of sightings along Highway 22 over the course of several days.

February 23rd there was an unconfirmed sighting near Mandaree. According to the report on February 24th two men spotted a bigfoot-like creature in the same area, near a trailer court. There were two other witnesses to this, one adult female and one child.

According to the report there were four sighting total over the course of three days, spanning 35 miles.

Sighting 4 -- Class A

This sighting took place in August of 2005. The creature was reported to have been seen near White Shield.

The witnesses (Unnamed) were driving on Country Road 7 when they claimed to have a seen a 7 to 8ft tall "Thing." They drove home to grab spotlights and returned to where they had seen the creature to investigate.

The witnesses claim the spotlights picked up a reflection of red eyes in the distance. They said it started moving and looked like a "Gorilla from the movies." They watched it for 3 to 5 minutes, then decided to call the Game & Fish.

The witnesses included in the report that there were strong smells of urine and slew. They said they heard grunting noises and what sounded like faint screams.

Bigfoot Among Us?

There you have it, those are the reported Bigfoot sightings for the state of North Dakota. It's interesting that we haven't had any recent sightings, no?

What do you think? Is Bigfoot hiding in ND?

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