I know what you're saying, how could this possibly be true with our winters, mosquitos, and lack of things to do in North Dakota?!  According to a new article and survey from WalletHub, the Rough Rider State has many things to be happy about.  WalletHub looked at thirty two metrics across all fifty states and determined that us North Dakotan's are much happier than most of the country.

Number one on their list was Hawaiians, with Utah coming in at number 2.  Our friends to the east, Minnesota came in at number 3.

Here's the Top 10 Happiest States in the USA!


  • Hawaii #1
  • Utah #2
  • Minnesota #3
  • New Jersey #4
  • Maryland #5
  • California #6
  • North Dakota #7
  • Iowa #8
  • Idaho #9
  • Connecticut #10

North Dakota scored high in "Work Environment"  and "Community & Environment."  Our friends to the south of us South Dakota came in at number 12.  Montana was a bit of a surprise coming in at #38.  What do they have to be unhappy about in the Big Sky state anyway?

Of course, whenever we're listing the 'best of' anything, we also need to take a peek at the bottom of the list.  It's kind of fun to see who's "un-happy" too for whatever reason.

Five Least Happy States for 2020

  • #46 - Kentucky
  • #47 - Louisiana
  • #48 - Oklahoma
  • #49 - Arkansas
  • #50 - West Virginia

Hawaii has the ocean.  Easy to see what they're so happy about.  Utah has the mountains. Minnesota has the lakes. North Dakota we have a lot of room to move right?  Some pretty incredible recreational opportunities as well.  Kind of explains why you see so many Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin license plates in the North Dakota country side.



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