HEY! You better shut up! Five million is a helluva deal.

Don't think for a minute that this viable commercial property ain't worth all of five million. Sure, you all have your snarky comments but once the new buyer is printing money after buying the Bismarck Motor Motel, you'll have your comeuppance. That's a real word.

It's not true. Residents are not printing money at the Bismarck Motor Motel.

What it is for you and your financial partners is a wild adventurous ride. Good for you! Let your inhibitions go and make a bold statement in the world as the new proprietor of the Motor Motel.

Sure, the headlines are curious

Ouch...click me

The good news is the "no-frills" motel nails two stars on motel.com

A new combined entity by the name of Better Homes and Garden/Alliance Group wants you to know that it's up for grabs!


That is a lot of zeroes.

Probably makes sense. Me and my girl Brenda got to talking and I said- they might as well also try to sell that joint behind the Taco Johns and across from the Broadway  Cenex!  Truth be told...We chuckled a bit and lo and behold...


DAMN! Under a million! Has the world gone mad?

Full disclosure, I enjoy the company of the couple that owns the Bismarck Motor Motel. I find them to be pleasant people and wish them the best in their lives going forward. Lives, that will probably be better without the responsibility of managing these joints. So let's start by writing a five million dollar check for these folks.

Seriously there's a big sexy tub.


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