North Dakotans may have a "take care of yourself" mindset, but they actually care about their neighbors.

Many North Dakotans may have a strong "pick yourself up by your bootstraps" mentality. People in our state are hard workers and tend to take care of their own. But, even with that "tough" attitude and outlook on life, North Dakotans also do not mind lending a helping hand to strangers in need.

Where does North Dakota rank on the list of most charitable states?

Wallethub found that North Dakota is the fifth most charitable state in the whole country! So, what do North Dakotans do that makes them rank so high on the list? We are not the highest on the list as far as volunteer and service work goes, but we are big on donating money to charity.

What can we do in BisMan to help others?

When I moved to the BisMan area, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about some of the awesome charitable things we have in town! As an animal lover, I think Kitty City is just an incredible place for homeless and abused cats to experience happiness, safety, and love. And, as far as things for people go, we have quite a few awesome charitable organizations.

As far as help for people goes, I think something as simple as the Little Free Pantry is a great asset to the community! And we also have bigger organizations like Heavens Helpers where they have everything from a soup cafe to a free clothing store.

What charitable organizations in Bismarck-Mandan are your favorite?

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