Best College Reviews published a list of the 50 best college towns in the United States. North Dakota has not one, but two cities on the list.

Fargo and Grand Forks were both on the list of best college towns. Many factors were considered when looking at different cities around the nation.

The criteria used to put the list together was:

  • Livability
  • Student-to-Resident Ratio
  • Cultural Offerings
  • School Presence
  • Large Employers

We are well aware of the quality education provided by North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota, so what other factors put Fargo and Grand Forks at the top?

Grand Forks was listed as number 41 and is praised for its diversity and low cost of living. Many UND graduates stick around Grand Forks as there are high employment rates for defense, healthcare, education, food processing and research. Two of the biggest employers in Grand Forks are Altru Health System and the Air Force Base.

At one time, Fargo relied heavily on agriculture in their economy, however, North Dakota's largest city has expanded greatly. Food processing, manufacturing, technology, retail, education and healthcare have taken huge strides over the years. Fargo not only others a large amount of jobs to their graduates, it also offers a large variety of entertainment with concert venues, bars and theater. These qualities combined puts Fargo at number 22 on the list.

To see all 50 of the best college towns, visit the Best of College Reviews website.

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