In a report released by Lavu, North Dakota is considered the worst state when it comes to the average percentage we leave for a tip.

Lavu specializes in software for restaurants and bars that help keep track of sales information. Through information gained by users of their software, North Dakota is considered the worst tipping state, averaging just 16.66% of the bill. The best in the US? That distinction goes to Oklahoma with an average of 23.17%

The infographic goes on to break down the totals into 3 categories. Tableside service, Bar, and Coffee Shops. North Dakota comes in last when it comes to Tableside service with an average  of 18.08%, 15.64% for Bar tabs, and 18.67% for Coffee Shops. Notice that all 3 of those numbers sit above the known benchmark of 15%.

This is notable considering the worst Bar tippers are DC at only 13.09% and at 13.72%, New Hampshire comes in last for Coffee Shops.

So, if we, as a state, always tip above the known benchmark of 15%, how is it that we are considered "The Worst?"

We're curious, How much of a tip do you usually leave?

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