The 2022 North Dakota deer gun season applications must be in by this Wednesday, June 8th.  According to the North Dakota Game and Fish, the number of licenses will drop a significant 8,000 licenses from last year.

According to the North Dakota Game and Fish, “Epizootic hemorrhagic disease dramatically reduced white-tailed deer numbers along the Missouri River and parts of some western hunting units,” said Casey Anderson, wildlife chief for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.  Because of that some units had their number of licenses dramatically reduced.  To see how bad EHD was last year check out this article from last year here.

EHD tends to mostly affect Whitetail deer and not so much Mule deer.  Because of that, the number of Mule deer licenses did not decrease.  In fact, antlerless Mule deer licenses even increased by 350.  Antlered Mule deer remained the same.

Hunters are reminded they must have a general game and habitat stamp when applying for a deer rifle license.  If you should happen to be unsuccessful in the deer gun lottery, the North Dakota Game and Fish will return the money you paid for the general game and habitat stamp.

Where I live a few miles south of Lincoln, I can't remember the last time I saw a Whitetail deer.  It was way before the pheasant season.  I started seeing dead deer showing up even last summer.  The EHD was especially bad southeast of Bismarck along the river.

You can apply for your deer gun license with the North Dakota Game and Fish when you click here.


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