Our trees are going up, and our animals are full of curiosity. We can't blame them can we? -All the lights and shiny ornaments are pretty appealing. That said, we would like our tree and ornaments to remain in one piece.

How do we keep our cats from destroying our trees and breaking our ornaments?

According to ANVH.com, there are a couple things you can use to keep your cat away from your tree.

1. The source says you can put crinkly aluminum foil around the base of the tree. Cats usually don't like the feeling of this and will find another object to go after.

2. You can make your own scent/spray. The source says you should use water, oranges, lemongrass, and citronella oil and spray it on your tree. These smells may deter your cat from any destructive shenanigans.

There are many other scents such as apple cider vinegar that you can use as well.

You might also see some commercial products like, "Keep off," but they have mixed reviews.

3. You can use orange peels. This may sound a little weird, but the source says some people take orange peels and place them around the tree. This will have a similar effect to the spray.

Other Things You Can Do

If you feel your cat getting into your tree is unavoidable you can always tie on your ornaments, make sure you keep the tree from "launching zones." According to peta.org, keeping your tree away from furniture could prevent a tree topple.

While these suggestions might help, there's no guarantee your curious cat give in to the shiny and sparkly new toy in your living room.

Good luck & Happy holidays!


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