I just became a first time home buyer and it's truly an indescribable experience.It's like entering a whole new world of pre-qualification's, monthly payment goals and of course finding your perfect space. I am not alone as some of my best friends have been selling, buying and building homes.

For my first home purchase I only felt comfortable going to one place and that's the team of Cornerstone Bank located at 600 2nd street south suite #100. I worked with the president of Cornerstone Bank Joe Sheehan in what my housing needs, wants and budget were.Most importantly I got pre-qualified so I knew exactly what I was working with and what type of home I would be looking for. Take a listen now to the team of Cornerstone Bank Pam Gange, Randy Gust and Joe Sheehan discuss the importance of working with local lenders, local underwriters, interest rate changes,FHA changes, how a job change effects home buying and what to do if you have been turned down by another lending institution.

The Cornerstone Bank team armed me with a Realtor to walk me through this process. I partnered with Paul Everson of Alliance Real Estate.

The first place I looked at was a condo in North Bismarck.

Bis-Man house hunting this was the first place I checked out. 3 story, garaged, 3 bedroom/2 bathroom condo in North Bismarck

I liked the condo but it was a bit above my budget and I could not go FHA on this condo.

I then looked at this house in central Bismarck.

House in central Bismarck 3 bedroom/ 2 bath, large yard,single garage,cozy with fireplace and bungalow design.

My Realtor Paul then took me on a condo tour, we made stops in downtown Bismarck, N.Washington street and a brand new condo in North Bismarck near the north Wal-Mart. I wasn't sold on a condo however the maintenance features could remove some cost like lawn care,water,heat, snow removal, external maintenance. I attempted to keep my mind open, I wanted a space with character, a good amount of outdoors space because I have a dog, I wanted to be able to park my car on the weekend and walk to wherever I wanted to go.

I found a condo in North Bismarck that at first sight I wasn't into but upon entering the space, the modern updates, turn key readiness and safety I thought it made a great space. It also had just been marked down and would put me under my budget with no upgrades needed. I was ready to make an offer, I called my Realtor and he called the seller's Realtor. I was pre-approved except one problem the condo association was not dog friendly.

Condo on North Washington

So I had to let go of the condo I thought would be my new home- I did not want to move somewhere my dog would not be wanted. So off I went again to look at more places.

I had a feeling where I was going to make home so I chose the condo in downtown Bismarck. I made an offer and waited patiently to hear back from the seller's that my offer had been accepted. My offer was accepted. My next steps were getting all my loan paperwork completed with Cornerstone Bank, figuring out my cost to closing, closing date and inspection. The process is going smoothly thanks to the hardworking team at Cornerstone Bank including Travis Lang and Erin Green. I also have peace of mind thanks to the thoughtful, care, knowledge and expertise my Realtor Paul Everson has provided.

Have you been looking for a home? Are you selling your home? What has your experience been like in the North Dakota housing market?