Vegans, you may have to make a bit of drive for it, but rest assured, it's coming.

Green House Cafe, North Dakota's first ever vegan restaurant, is coming to Fargo. Sure, it's a bit of a drive from Bismarck, but the fact that it's happening is a big deal. The restaurant will be ready in late August, operating out of a temporary location at the Red River's Farmer's Market in downtown Fargo.

The Green House Cafe will add itself to a small list of vegan businesses in the surrounding regions. In fact, typically you'd have to travel much further outside the Midwestern regions to cities like Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco and Philadelphia to find a region where you can expect a high amount of vegan business.

However, with the growth and popularity of meatless, plant-based diets, there's never been a better time for those that are, to be vegan. And if you are, feel free to start your own vegan restaurant closer to Bismarck.

Source: Care2