A recent study showed that North Dakota made the top ten on a list of states that are the 'least internet-obsessed.'

According to AT&T, North Dakota's internet usage is the 7th least-frequent in the country. The top ten states on the list of least internet-obsessed happen to have wide areas that are scenic and rural, where consistent internet usage may not be as prevalent. The others within the top ten least internet-obsessed states are Oklahoma, New Mexico, Delaware, Hawaii, Arkansas, Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, and Alaska.

Factors determining the outcome of the study included proprietary data showing whether or not a household may be a heavy internet user, the percentage of driving time spent distracted, online spending, internet searches for 'phone addiction' and 'internet addiction', and the percentage of the state's population with an Instagram account.

The top three states that are the 'most internet-obsessed' are Oregon, New Jersey, and Texas. Minnesota showed up on the list as the 8th most internet-obsessed.

It's not so bad having the ranking as one of the least internet-obsessed states. At least you know you'll have a lesser chance of entering public places where every person has their face in their phone. It's good to know you can go somewhere and have a real conversation with someone with face-to-face interaction instead of seeing two people sitting at a table and both are on their phones instead of enjoying the pleasure of the company of the person they're with.

On the other hand, due to our lack of internet-obsession, there's a good chance not many people will read this due to the fact that it's on the internet.

Either way, there's much more life to be enjoyed around you no matter where you are in the real world as opposed to anything that you'll find anywhere online.

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