Life has so many things that you have to have, but sometimes will never use. If you ever need it, I guess it's good to have. A necessary evil you could say. Auto insurance is one that could fall into this category.

It's a pain in the pocket book but if you need it, boy oh boy, you're happy you have it. North Dakota is one of the most expensive states to insure a car. Did you know that?

Here is how it breaks down according to a report for insurance in 2014 according to 

Average car insurance premiums vary considerably by state for a variety of reasons – including the number of urban areas, traffic conditions, state insurance laws, the percentage of drivers who are uninsured, auto thefts and the number of car insurance companies competing for business.

Every state’s average rates are propelled by a number of factors. While it’s impossible to isolate one factor as being “to blame,” we asked insurance agents for their take on their states’ rate.

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Basically, there are many factors that help figure your final cost.

The most expensive states, annually are-

1) Michigan     $2551

2) West Virginia    $2518

3) Georgia    $2201

4) Washington DC   $2127

5) Rhode Island  $2021

North Dakota comes in at #12 with an average cost annually at $1710. Also playing a huge roll is the fact, NoDak is #1 for drunk driving arrests and is in the top 10 for worst drivers. 

Figure all of those factors in and it's no wonder that we pay some of the highest insurance premiums in the country.