Here is something that you probably already knew. North Dakota ranks up there as one of the most expensive states to purchase groceries.

According to a study leased by Diets in Review in November, the cheapest state to purchase grocery items is Idaho. North Dakota ranks as one of the most expensive.

Here is how DIR conducted this survey.

They priced a meal for 4 that included

  • chicken breasts
  • apples
  • potato's
  • milk

The average cost of this meal nationwide was $15. ($14.99)

Could You Feed Your Family a Meal with $15 for Groceries?

These items cost over $22 in North Dakota. Other states on the same level as NoDak are
  • Minnesota $18
  • Virginia $24  *most expensive
  • South Dakota $18
  • Maine $16
For the complete story on the cheapest and most expensive states, click here.
Nothing new right? Grocery prices here are definitly the most expensive!
How much of your monthly budget goes to groceries?