Wilma Flinstone is a fictional character but a smart level-headed woman who is a good role model for any woman.

North Dakota appears to respect that. With Mother's Day approaching, real estate website, 'Estately' chose to look at what each state searches on Google related to mothers more than any other state.

Apparently in North Dakota, the one 'mother-related-term' we search more than any other state is 'Wilma Flinstone.'

It's unclear what is keeping 'The Flinstones' and Wilma in particular relevant in the minds of North Dakotans. The show's original run ended in 1966 and I believe the only channel that still runs episodes of the show is 'Boomerang TV.'

Through the years there have been TV movies and theatrical movies, the most recent being, 'The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas' released in the year 2000.

But hey, you can't control who you fall in love with right? #TeamWilma.