Daniel Michael Two Hearts has been taken into custody after firing a handgun at state troopers, stealing at least three vehicles, and engaging in a standoff with police.

Two Hearts had holed himself up at the Lock Block apartment complex in Devils Lake. When multiple law enforcement agencies arrived on the scene, Two Hearts had reportedly taken two hostages, a man and woman, at the apartment complex. After law enforcement removed the hostages safely, Two Hearts attempted suicide by shooting himself. He was then taken into custody and airlifted to Grand Forks to be treated.

The manhunt for Two Hearts started Friday when an officer attempted to pull over a pickup truck with a loud exhaust on Interstate 29 in Grand Forks. Two Hearts then fled some 40 miles at high speeds reaching 100 miles per hour, before tire spikes were laid out on the highway by law enforcement. Two Hearts ran from the pickup truck, while firing shots at a state trooper. No one was injured from the shots fired by the suspect.

Two Hearts then jumped into an idling car in a nearby neighborhood, while an infant was also in the car. According to police, the infant's mother was warming up the car while trying to get another child from inside their house. The car was seen 20 miles away on a country road, and officers again laid down road spikes and flattened the tires to stop the car. Two Hearts fled again, while the infant inside the car was recovered unharmed.

Friday night, after a truck had been reported missing, that vehicle turned up abandoned at a Wal-Mart parking lot in Devils Lake. Authorities traced the suspect to the apartment complex where the standoff occurred into the hours of Saturday morning.

Law enforcement agencies involved throughout the manhunt included Devils Lake Police Department, Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department, North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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