The man who is believed to be the oldest mayor in North Dakota at the age of 86 has been re-elected for another term as he unanimously won after getting just three votes.

Bruce Lorenz was unanimously re-elected as the mayor of Ruso, North Dakota in a vote that saw 100 percent turnout. Ruso is known as the smallest incorporated city in the state.

Lorenz is a retired rural mail carrier and estimates that he's been the mayor of Ruso for more than 30 years. He mentioned that he forgot it was election day this past Tuesday until his daughter reminded him. Lorenz joked in an interview with the Minot Daily News, "I'll have to go down the street and see if I can find a cigar."

Health issues now have Lorenz living in an assisted living facility in Minot. Ruso is approximately 40 miles southeast of Minot, near Strawberry Lake. However, Lorenz wants to still serve as mayor of Ruso. Lorenz even has a platform to run on, which is getting rural water service for the small town of Ruso.

Congrats to Mayor Lorenz on his re-election!

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