Bruce Lorenz, who had recently been unanimously re-elected as the mayor of Ruso, North Dakota has passed away at the age of 86.

After serving as Ruso's mayor for more than 30 years, it was announced that Lorenz died in a Minot hospital this past Tuesday (July 17th). Before his death, Lorenz was living in an assisted living facility in Minot due to previous health issues.

Prior to Lorenz's death, Ruso had been known as the smallest incorporated city in the state with a population of three. However, an incorporated municipality in North Dakota needs at least three council members. Now that the city has just two residents, by North Dakota law, the city no longer qualifies for incorporation.

There are few incorporated cities in the state with a population fewer than 10, according to the North Dakota League of Cities.

Ruso is approximately 40 miles southeast of Minot, near Strawberry Lake in McLean County. State funding normally paid to the City of Ruso may now go directly to McLean County.

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