Almost all North Dakotans say it - "THERE IS NOTHING TO DO HERE!" Well, even though entertainment is not necessarily throwing itself in our faces here, there actually are quite a bit of cool things for people to do. We just have to do a little searching sometimes.

Last week, North Dakota Parks and Recreation announced that there is a new passport program in North Dakota. This passport is meant for people who want to explore North Dakota.

According to the Parks and Recreation website, "The North Dakota Passport is an all-in-one guide to adventure as users collect stamps at 37 featured destinations, varying from state parks and recreation areas to state historic sites and museums." The website also says that visitors can mark their passports by coloring over the outdoor stamps or by picking up stamps in park offices, visitor centers, and museums. The 88-page passports come with a drawstring bag and crayons.

The Parks and Recreation site has a map of the 37 passport-related destinations throughout North Dakota - it takes you to nearly all four corners of the state! Of course, places like Medora and the Governor's mansion are included in the travel list, but there are also lesser-known places to do some exploring. Check out all of the destinations here.

ND Passport Site Map
North Dakota Parks and Recreation

I have gone on aimless drives and found cool historic sites along the way. But I like that there is now a map to tell us where the most historic sites in North Dakota are! This would definitely be a great adventure with my niece.

Which sites on the map are you most excited to check out?

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