Since it is spooky season I thought it would be appropriate to see how many ghost towns there are throughout North Dakota.

As it turns out, North Dakota has quite a few ghost towns. We actually have so many, that we rank number one in the country for it!

What Is A "Ghost Town"

A ghost town is a deserted town with very few or no remaining residents. In this article, we will be classifying a ghost town as any place with 10 or less residents.


Ghost Towns Across The Country

Hire A Helper did a study, and found that there are 39 towns with fewer than 10 people in the country.

The source also found that three towns with registered residents in 2010 declined to a population of zero. Those three towns were Mustang, Texas, South Park View, South Dakota, and Hoot Owl, Oklahoma.

North Dakota

So, how many ghost towns does North Dakota have? According to the source, we lead the nation in ghost towns; as of right now (2023) North Dakota has eight ghost towns.

I'm sure you're curious; which are North Dakota's "Ghost towns?" To satisfy your curiosity, I've made a list.

1. Wales

Most of us recognize Wales as the country west of Great Britain, but we have a Wales right here in North Dakota. It's population currently sits at 9 residents.

2. Loma

You might know Loma for the Billings Lake Wildlife Refuge. It's last recorded population was 9.


Calio is a part of Cavalier County. As of right now, there are only 9 people living in the town.

4. Loraine

I couldn't help but notice that this ghost town has an establishment called "The Naked Moose." -- It's a cute little restaurant. According to the source this town has a population of 8.

5. Keif

Keif is a town in McHenry county. It is part of the Minot Metropolitan Statistical area. The population of the town is currently 7.

6. Hannah

Hannah isn't just a popular name, it's also a little town that sits right next to the Canadian border. The source claims the population of this town is 7.

7. Perth

Perth has a cemetery and that's about it. It's population is currently at 6 people.

8. Ruso

If peace and quiet is what you're looking for, you may want to consider moving to this North Dakota ghost town. There are only three people living in the town.

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