Students in North Dakota are reportedly struggling in school.

The New York Times reported that the pandemic has dramatically impacted students in a negative way. Test scores were reportedly significantly lower than normal in Texas and Indiana. But how are North Dakota students doing when it comes to school these days?

According to a study done by Brainly, North Dakota students are struggling in school. And the top five subjects students struggle most with are:

  1. Science
  2. Math
  3. Social Studies
  4. Business
  5. English

Is it time for education to get an overhaul?

I have been out of high school for over a decade and I still do not understand why we were taught what we were taught in school. From personal experience, a person is nowhere near ready to go out into the real world when they turn 18. But maybe they could be more prepared for it if they were taught a thing or two about it!

I understand things like science and math are useful. But people need actual street smarts and common sense when they are pushed out of the house and into society. I have never once dissected a frog or a pig fetus as an adult. I also have never had to use the Pythagorean Theorem. But I did have to figure out how to be a functioning and contributing member of society when I had zero real-life experience.

A frustrated young schoolboy holding his head and looking at his study notes

It would be great if schooling changed to better-equip kids for growing up.

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