Pringles has outdone themselves with their new flavor and it will soon be sold in North Dakota stores.

Soon, you'll be able to purchase the newest flavor of Pringles, which combines our favorite chips with our favorite inexpensive noodles. The new flavor of Pringles is 'Top Ramen Chicken Flavor.' It's like you're eating ramen noodles in each and every chip.

Now you can have that same feeling of being a broke college student every time you eat Pringles. Then again, they're also that perfect snack for when you're about to start your newest binge-watching session on Netflix. It's the tastiness of ramen noodles without the prep-time. Don't forget, you can also dip your Ramen Pringles in your favorite dipping sauce, if you so choose.

According to Pringles' press release, Pringles' flavorologists teamed up with Nissin's brand of ramen noodles to capture the taste of ramen in every chip.

This flavor will be sold for a limited-time in Dollar General stores only. That being said, from Bismarck, you will have to travel to the eastern portions of North Dakota to find this flavor. However, popular flavors don't go away if they sell well enough. I would gladly road trip for these and stock-up as much as possible.

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