You will probably start seeing sunflowers popping up everywhere. Not just in fields but on your timelines, too, because we love a good sunflower selfie.

According to, August is peak growing season for these beautiful flowers.

Did You Know: According to, North Dakota is one of the top sunflower-producing states in the country.

Why is this cool? According to the source, sunflowers can be used for everything from bird seed mixes to cooking oils.


If you're new to the area or just haven't seen one of these fields, take the time to look this year; you will be awestruck by the beauty of mother nature.

If you're wondering where to find sunflowers in North Dakota, well, they're pretty much everywhere. That said, ND Tourism did put together a map to help you find your magical sunflower moment.

They update the maps weekly.

Can You Go In The Fields?

According to the source, most landowners/farmers don't mind you stopping by their field for a pic or even a proposal, but you should get permission from them before going into a given field.

Things to remember:

1. Be respectful

2. The flowers may have insect repellant on them

3. Do not drive through the fields

4. You should not spend an enormous amount of time there; again, it is someone else's property

5. Watch out for bugs. Spiders, mosquitos, wasps, and did I mention spiders???

Signs of Fall?

While sunflowers start popping up in middle to late summer, I see this as an early sign of fall. Hold your horses, don't curse me for wishing away summer yet. I am not even slightly ready to say goodbye to these warm temps, but I have to admit, fall, as short-lived as it is, is my favorite season.


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