According to a study conducted by Gallup, nine out of 10 North Dakota residents view our K-12 education as excellent/good.

Followed by Iowa and Minnesota, North Dakota rates our education system higher than any other state rates their own. In some states only 41% of their residents thought their public education was excellent/good compared to 87% in North Dakota.

Results were gathered from a 50-state poll held from June - December 2013. The research was paired with interviews done with a minimum of 600 residents from each state.

North Dakota also ranked second behind South Dakota for believing our school system prepares students for the workplace. Gallup praises North Dakota along with South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming for having an unemployment rate under 5% in 2013.

To read more on the week long series evaluating how education leaders, students and teachers view America's education visit their website.

[Source - Gallup Politics]