Kirk Cousins just had another big payday.

Minnesota Viking fans are pretty black and white when it comes to its quarterback Kirk Cousins.  Statistically, Cousins is a top 15 quarterback over the course of his career in Minnesota.  However, with only one playoff win and three losing seasons, Cousins has the reputation of not being able to produce when it matters most.  When a game is on the line late in the 4th quarter, Kirk has a lukewarm record.  He's also a terrible quarterback in prime time.  Sunday night, Monday night, and even Thursday nights his record over the years is pretty dismal.

What about all those trade rumors?

Rumors have been flying over the last month since the dismissal of Vikings General Manager Scott Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer, that Kirk Cousins might be moved to another team.  Trades to places like Pittsburgh, Denver, Seattle, and others were all the talk.  In fact, every time I opened Google, I saw another trade scenario for Kirk Cousins.  As it turns out, all the sportswriters and columnists were wrong.  Kirk isn't going anywhere.

Bismarck Vikings fans seem a little on the fence towards Cousins.

Some of my friends at the gym today were shocked that the Vikings not only gave Cousins a contract extension but guaranteed money.  According to NFL.Com, Kirk Cousins signed a one-year $35 million dollar extension with the Vikings thru 2023.  He also has a no-trade clause in his contract.  This contract is a $25 million fully guaranteed extension that puts him under contract through 2023.

Kirk Cousins may have the best agent of all time.  I heard this little tidbit on ESPN Sports Center this morning.  Cousins after this contract expires in 2023 will have made 230 million dollars of guaranteed money.  Compare that to Tom Brady who has played many more seasons than Cousins, and all those Super Bowl appearances will be at $290 million dollars.  Something sure doesn't seem right about that.

Anyway, like it or not Vikings fans.  Kirk Cousins is your quarterback for at least two more years.



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