The service providing an alternative to hotel stays was booming for North Dakota in 2017.

By now, you've probably become familiar with Airbnb. It's the service that offers private homes and/or rooms up to renters looking for short-term stays. Last year in North Dakota, nearly 6,700 guests came to the state via an Airbnb stay. That's an increase over the previous year's Airbnb stays by 158 percent. The majority of the Airbnb stays included in that statistic took place in either Bismarck or Fargo.

Visitors tend to pick the service over hotels due to the extra amenities of having a kitchen, most likely larger bathrooms and is usually less expensive.

Many will offer up their homes to be a host for the service as a way of earning extra income. In 2017, North Dakota's Airbnb hosts made nearly $670,000 in supplemental income.

If you need a weekend away, feel free to look up some of the rental properties in North Dakota on Airbnb. Even if it's not going too far from home, it could be just the vacation you need.

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