We all know the tradition that the Haunted Fort has every year at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, but some don't realize that within the site, there is what many have claimed to be a genuine haunted house.

The Daily Meal recently published a list of the 'Best Haunted Houses in Every State.' Why a food publication is talking about haunted houses, we have no idea. Maybe getting scared works up their appetite, we don't know. Regardless, the best haunted house in North Dakota resides in Mandan within Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. It is the Custer House.

When you hear stories of the Custer House or read them on the Haunted Fort website, they aren't just stories to hype of the Halloween season. It seems there have been several accounts of paranormal experiences at the Custer House. The Daily Meal had this to say about the house:

Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, of the American Civil War and American Indian Wars fame, built a home at Fort Abraham Lincoln which he and his wife Libbie lived in from 1873 until his death in 1876. Many claim to have encountered cold spots, strange voices, and doors opening and closing of their own accord, as well as lights turning on and off. Libbie is believed to still reside here, looking for her husband who was killed in the Battle of Little Big Horn, and some claim to have seen her wearing a black mourning dress.

Especially with the Halloween season just about upon us, it's nice to know we have one an attraction as such so close to us. Not to mention, if the entertainment of the scares you'll receive at the Haunted Fort weren't enough, now you'll have to beware of Libbie haunting your dreams. Good luck!

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