Now we're getting into a sticky mess with this one! If there is one thing people are passionate about it's pizza. And here we have another one of those lists that mentions the best in each state, this time it's PIZZA!

Let's face it, there is really not a bad slice of pizza! Well, alright, I know, some are better than others but really, pizza is pretty darn good just about anytime!

According to a Business Insider, they took on the task of finding the best pizza in each state.

Here we go with the criteria. How did BI do that? I don't think you'll like the answer, but in their words

"through expert reviews and local recommendations

That's it! Nothing more, nothing less!

The best pizza in North Dakota is "Rhombus Guys".  (say what?)

According to BI-

"With three locations across the state, North Dakotans agree that Rhombus Guys  pizza is the best. Locally it was picked as the best pizza in Grand Forks in  addition to earning awards from Thrillist and TripAdvisor. Rhombus Guys' 24 pies  come with toppings like pulled pork and Canadian bacon or tater tots and salmon.

Someone tell me, are these guys good? Do you agree with Business Insider? Did they get this right?

Ross Land / Getty Images