It doesn't matter where you live in any state throughout the country, there are always going to be people who think they live in the most boring town in their state. But is it really?...

According to the publication, Best Life, they have found where the 'most boring town in every state' is. In North Dakota, if you want to find the most boring town, then traveling from Bismarck, you'll have to go about an hour and a half to the southeast. Best Life lists Wishek, North Dakota as the most boring town in the Peace Garden State.

The town has a population of 979 and is just 1.45 square miles in size. The median age is 53.2 with over a third of their population over the age of 65.

Best Life lists the town as having just three entertainment spots and between hotels and restaurants, there are only 10 spots for those. Based on Google Maps, three of those reside at the Piccadilly Circus Cafe, Big Screen Bar & Grill, and McTwist.

So do you want to be bored? At least now you know where to stop when you go to Wishek.

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