I had a dream growing up.  To someday own a lake home.

I have such fond memories growing up of when my family would rent a cabin on Big Wolf Lake, Minnesota every summer for a week.

I remember how fast time would fly during that week.  It would seem like we just unpacked, and there we would be packing up again to leave.

I loved every aspect of being at the lake.  Of course, I was fishing just about as much as possible.  When I wasn't in the boat fishing, I would be fishing off of a dock or the shore.  I loved campfires, fish fry shore lunches, BBQs, swimming, hanging out on the beach, water skiing, and so many other things.  Even chores at the lake didn't seem so bad.

Fast forward just a few years, and now I've been a lake homeowner for 10 years already. 

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

It's not a mansion, but a little log-sided cabin on the cleanest lake in all of northeast South Dakota.  We got really lucky finding this home on Craigslist because there is virtually never any property for sale on this lake.  Most cabins on our lake end up getting passed down to relatives or friends and never make it to the market.

I remember I had so many people in my ear telling me not to buy this property.  You can't afford it, you should be saving for this, and now is not the right time to buy, etc.  I"m so glad I didn't listen to them because I wanted my son to have memories just like I did.

Well, if you're thinking about pulling the trigger on a lake place and making some memories, I've found one that might be perfect for your family.  In fact, the property has only been on Zillow for just over 2 weeks.  There has also been a recent price drop of over $105,000.

The property is located near Garrison, North Dakota, and will set you back $890,000.

It's currently the most expensive lake place for sale on Lake Sakakawea.  The address is 1439th Ave, Garrison, North Dakota, 58540.  The home features 5 bedrooms and 4 baths.  Plenty of room for family and friends.  It was built in 1984 and has a very large shop beside a double garage.

So, without further ado, here is North Dakota's Most Expensive Home currently for sale on Lake Sakakawea.

The Most Expensive Lake Home For Sale On Sakakawea

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