The Scripps National Spelling Bee takes place tonight and while those kids know how to spell words you've never heard of, just know that North Dakota's most misspelled word is something much simpler.

Thrillist used Google Trends to find what the most misspelled word was in every state. North Dakota's most misspelled word is 'yacht.' It may be a shock to see a state that uses its fair share of boat terminology misspell a five-letter word as such. However, other states have their own spelling problems.

For instance, Mississippi's most misspelled word is 'gray.' Alabama's is 'cousin.' And 11 states don't know how to spell 'beautiful.' You'll be plenty surprised when you see this map showing what each state misspells the most.

Maybe this is why autocorrect, acronyms, abbreviations and emoji speak have become so vital to our everyday way of life through the use of technology.

But that's okay, one day we'll look back at all this and laugh while we party on our yacht.

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