North Dakota is seemingly at the top of every list these days, but we can't say we saw this one coming.

North Dakota's state superintendent of schools, Kirsten Baesler, was recently featured on a list of '15 Hottest American Politicians Ever', ranked at no. 8.

When we first came across it on RantPolitical, we figured it featured up-and-coming politicians to keep an eye on for, you know, legislative matters. But upon further review, nope. Instead, the list ranks the women in (arbitrary) order of physical attractiveness. The author found "several diamonds amongst the rough" of "old, ugly white guys" (his words, not ours) to comprise the list that features Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and South Dakota US Representative Kristi Noem.

According to the website, Baesler "makes men wish they could go back to school".

Baesler is a native of Flasher, ND and was elected to her current position in 2012. Her 22-year career with the Bismarck Public Schools has seen her hold positions of vice principal, library media specialist, classroom teacher, and instructional assistant to students with intellectual disabilities. She currently resides in Mandan.

My personal opinion here, but rather than objectifying these women, can't we just focus on what they've accomplished professionally? After all, Baesler is in charge of all K-12 education programs in the entire state of North Dakota, which is obviously no small task.

In 2014, it seems to me like we should be past all of this.