The 2022 North Dakota hunting season is winding down this weekend. 

It's your last crack at the deer/bow season, pheasants, grouse, partridge, and even waterfowl.

With as much as 50 inches of snow on the ground, most North Dakota hunters have long since put away their guns for the season.  However, for those who aren't afraid of walking in snow up to your waist or higher, there are some opportunities remaining.

I myself will be chasing pheasants, grouse, and partridge until the very last seconds tick off the clock on the 2022 season.  This is an annual tradition for me because I know the off-season can be a long one.  It's been an incredibly challenging season with the deep snow cover, to say the least.  I'll tell you one thing though, it's sure kept my dog and me in shape.

The North Dakota Game and Fish has been kind enough to give the "die-hards" like me something to look forward to.  They just released the tentative 2023 hunting season dates for North Dakota.  Here are some of those start dates.  Again, keep in mind these are tentative and could be adjusted in 2023.

North Dakota 2023 Hunting Season Dates:

Spring Turkey-April 8th

Dove-September 1st

Deer & Pronghorn Bow, Mountain Lion-September 1st

Sharptail & Ruffed Grouse, Hungarian Partridge-September 9th

Youth Deer-September 1st

Youth Waterfowl-September 16th

Resident Waterfowl-September 23rd

Youth Pheasant & non-resident waterfowl-September 30th

Pronghorn gun-October 6th

Pheasant-October 7th

Fall Turkey-October 14th

Deer gun-November 10th

Deer muzzleloader-December 1st

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