Other than a couple of wild blizzards, this North Dakota winter has been fairly mild and wonderful. It's not often that I enjoy these winters, but I've loved the weather this season. However, it looks like Mother Nature is going to be frigid in the upcoming days.

The clouds will roll in tonight, then tomorrow, we could get a little snow. The National Weather Service says there's a 30% chance, but we shouldn't expect much accumulation if any at all. However, it's going to get windy and cold. Tomorrow will top out at 14 degrees, but the wind chill values will get as low as -20 degrees. Then, temperatures will slowly fall into the next week.

Dakota Storm Stalkers is saying that it could get downright brutal next week. They're even saying that highs won't reach zero, and wind chills could get as low as -50 to -55 degrees.

The details about the cold snap aren't completely clear this far out, but don't forget your cold gear car kits and stay warm out there.


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