Evangel Church is one of Bismarck's largest churches.  With prosperity, comes the ability to expand, and that's what Evangel Church is doing.  Evangel has opened up a coffee shop.  This is something they wanted to add not just for the church, but the community as well.  They named this coffee shop "Joyhouse" Coffee.  It launched on Monday, November 16th, and all the proceeds will go to a good cause as well.  Monies from the shop will go to to local and global outreach, including Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe, Jeanette Myhre Elementary School, One More One Less, Teen Challenge and Lespwa Lavi in Haiti.  This is actually the second Joyhouse location, Garrison location opened in June 2020.  So many people have generously sacrificed to help make this project possible.

This is phase one for the church, they also plan to possibly add an amphitheater, community gardens, and walking paths in the future but for now, they’re taking it day by day.  Evangel Church has been around for 90 years now.  This makes it one of the oldest churches in the area as well.  It's gone through several pastors and name changes over the years, but the last six years or so they've experience a double in their attendance.

Joyhouse Coffee shop is now open to the public, and with a family friendly vibe.  That includes a tree house for the kids to play in.  There's also  an outside playground for the kids to have some fun with.

Evangel is currently doing services strictly online, but they hope to go back to in person church on Sunday, December 6th.  When the congregation does return, they'll be greeted to a brand new 1500 seat sanctuary.

evangel church
evangel church



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