North Dakota has a lot of interesting attractions, but there's one that stands out a little more than the others. It might seem kind of random, and you might not have ever heard of it.

Take A Look

On your next trip to Fargo, you might want to stop by the F + M Visitors Center (just off the interstate on the west side of Fargo).

When you get there, you will see a piece of Hollywood history. It was in a movie and was called the "Wood Chuck."  Any guesses on what this may be?

It's... a wood chipper.


I know how silly this sounds, trust me, but this isn't just any wood chipper. This one is famous.

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I'm sure you've seen the movie "Fargo." Over the years, it's gotten quite the cult following. It was released in 1996 and is a reality-based crime drama.

In the movie, the wood chipper had a very sinister purpose, but don't worry, it's just a movie prop. No humans have gone through this wood chipper.

According to Atlas Obscura, despite the gore this wood chipper represents, it's quite the attraction. People seem to really love stopping in to get a look at it.

The source says the tourism center even added a mannequin leg with a sock.

This is just one of many interesting attraction in our great state of North Dakota.

Have you seen the wood chipper? Has this article now given you the itch to watch the movie? -- It certainly has, me.


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