We are all enjoying the warm weather, and love spending our days on the Missouri River. As much as we love being on the river, we want to make sure we're using a boat.

Car Submerged

According to KFYR, a car ended up in the Missouri River around 7 pm last night (Wednesday, June 14th).

This occurred at Keelboat Park, and the driver was treated for minor injuries. According to the source, there haven't been any tickets issued as a result of this incident.

The Bismarck Tribune reported, that the driver was 28-year-old Atnyanty Aniwis. Aniwis was not the owner of the Ford Edge, but knew the owner.

The Question

I'm sure we're all asking the same question. How does one reverse into the water like that?

The Tribune claims the driver shifted into the wrong gear, sending the vehicle over the embankment, into the water.

The car was towed out of the water early this afternoon (Thursday, June 15th).

Facebook Reacts

Since this news came out, people have been commenting on the situation. A photo of the car even ended up on the "Bismarck Can't Park" Facebook page -- a very necessary page for the area.

The post has gotten nearly 700 reactions and more than one hundred comments.




The comments are worth a read, if you're trying to pass what time is left of your workday.

I dare not comment, as I have hit nearly every curb in town. -- They shouldn't be there anyway.

One of the posts was captioned "Pretty sure that's not a parking spot, but ok."

Take a look at the picture.

Leigh Devon
Leigh Devon


I think we learned three things from this incident.

1. Be careful driving around the river.

2. Don't loan your car out.

3. Never drive a stick.

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