Last month, we played "5 Second Rule - Buzzed Edition" and hooked up listeners with tickets to Paint & Wine Night with Theo Art School on the Lewis and Clark Riverboat. There was clearly a lot of buzz about the family fun event because we had a full boat last night - it was a sold-out event! It was so exciting for Hot 97-5 to be a part of post-pandemic fun with the community.

Once the cruise began, the artists from Theo Art School taught the first group of people learned the basics of creating a decorative "hello" sign, but it was up to the crafters to get creative with their art. People were taping their boards up to paint, and no two looked the same. The designs ranged from simple and elegant to bold and wild!

Since we painted in groups, the second group got to relax on the upper deck while they eagerly waited to paint their signs. As we floated down the river, people were laughing, drinking, and enjoying the beautiful evening.

The Paint & Wine Night cruise was my first time ever on the riverboat, and it was a perfect night. Even though the North Dakota wind was whipping, the weather was beautiful and it was great to see and meet people in the community.

Have you ever cruised down the Missouri on the Lewis and Clark Riverboat?

Paint & Wine Night Recap

Last night was perfect for an early evening cruise on the Missouri River. Thank you to The Lewis and Clark Riverboat and Theo Art School for such a fun evening with people in the BisMan community!

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