We all know the importance of a balanced meal, but it seems like our friendly neighbors to the north may be taking it on a little too aggressively.

According to Weighty Matters, Kristen Bartkiw was fined $10 from the daycare she sends her 2 children to for not sending a completely balanced meal.

What was the meal in question? Mrs. Bartkiw sent her kids with leftover Roast Beef, potatoes, carrots, oranges, and milk. Because there wasn't a grain contained in the meal, the daycare center was required by law to supplemented the meal with one. What was the grain they chose to supplement with?


After doing so, they fined Kristen $5 per item per child, for a total of $10.

Kristen Bartkiw, Weighty Matters
Kristen Bartkiw, Weighty Matters

Kristen says that she has sent meals containing "Kraft microwave dinner, a hot dog, fruit twists, string cheese, and a juice box" that didn't receive any fine by the daycare center.

What do you think? Was the meal so far miss-balanced that the center should have stepped in? Should parents be fined for not providing a balanced meal?  Have you encountered anything like this in your own life?