The legendary Paul McCartney has been working with Bungie for the soundtrack of Destiny, and his theme song for the game is going to be released as a single.

The New York Times reports that Paul McCartney has been working on and off throughout the past four years with Marty O'Donnell and Mike Salvatori to do the soundtrack for Destiny. O'Donnell, Bungie's longtime composer throughout its Halo series, was let go by Bungie a few months ago and has won a recent settlement against his former employers for unpaid wages. Nevertheless, McCartney, O'Donnell and Salvatori's work has been highly anticipated by both fans of video game soundtracks and The Beatles alike. In particular, McCartney wrote a theme song for the game. Lev Chapelsky, the general manager of Blindlight (a company that puts musicians and game developers together), claims that McCartney's Destiny theme is expected to be released as a single this September.

O'Donnell repeatedly met with McCartney at Abbey Road Studios in London along with other studios in New York and Los Angeles to bounce musical ideas off of one another. The former Halo composer claimed that he, McCartney and Salvatori had composed and recorded music for the game together, including a 50-minute-long orchestral suite.

McCartney's theme song for the game is fully orchestrated, recorded at Abbey Road and features a 120-piece ensemble. The instrument players were directed by Giles Martin, son of The Beatles' longtime producer, George Martin.

Destiny will be hitting store shelves on Sept. 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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