I remember being 18 and on my own for the very first time. It is a wild, surreal experience. While I loved my newfound freedom when I went to college, I was still a young girl who knew nothing of the world or how to navigate it. Especially financially. After years of living life, I have figured out things like finances, but why are students not being prepared whatsoever from the get-go?

Lawmakers in Michigan are trying to make a move in the right direction. Right now, there is a bill proposed that would require students to take a personal finance class before graduating. This is a brilliant idea that should have been implemented across the country, even before my time. Students who can understand finances will surely be better equipped to deal with the financial highs and lows in life.

Check out some things a person may benefit from with a little financial literacy that can be taught in school:

Ways North Dakota Students Could Benefit from Personal Finance Classes

Did you feel ready to join "the real world" when you got pushed into it? I am sure many of us would have felt better with adulthood had we been prepared to deal with finances.

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