Restaurants struggling to stay open is nothing we're unfamiliar with, as far as recent news goes. Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve seen some of our favorite places close all across the country.
Pizza Hut has closed 15 locations across the Midwest. Not only that, but the source says that more than 120 locations are still at risk of closing due to a legal dispute. This,  according to The New York Post.
Locations Closing?
Some Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Georgia, and South Carolina locations have all been accused of defaulting on payments up to millions of dollars.
The parent company (Yum Brands) claims that one of their largest franchisees, EYM Group Inc., has not been keeping up with their brand/company expectations.
The Legal Dispute
Most of this issue/legal dispute has to do with the fact, that they’re trying to modernize their menus and digital ordering system; unfortunately, the belief is, that they failed to do this.
According to CNBC, the Pizza Hut parent Company, Yum Brands, reported that sales have declined by 7 percent in the last quarter, and the brand is in decline.
North Dakota
Could this be the beginning of the end?
Looking at the news reports, there is little information as to which stores could still be affected by this legal battle. With that, there is no indication that North Dakota is going to lose any Pizza Hut stores.
As of right now there are Pizza Hut locations in the following North Dakota cities:
Grand Forks
West Fargo

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