You have heard of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, but have you heard of the Planter's Peanut NUTmobile?

Have you spotted the Planter's Peanut NUTmobile driving around Bismarck? If you have yet to see it, keep your eyes peeled, because the NUTmobile is only in town for a few more days. And before the NUTmobile leaves town, it is going to be a feature at this weekend's "Family Safety Day."

It is a rare opportunity to see the NUTmobile in person!

According to KFYR-TV, the Planter's Peanut NUTmobile is in Bismarck until May 23. And this may actually be the only chance we North Dakotans will get to see such an iconic Pop Culture vehicle! Why is a Planter's Peanut NUTmobile such a rare sight to see? KFYR-TV reports that there are only three NUTmobiles in the whole country! Get the story about the NUTmobile's time in Bismarck here.

NUTmobiles are driven by carefully selected "Peanutters."

We may not think of peanuts as the most fascinating of the snack foods, but Planter's Peanuts have made their mark in America's history since the company began its journey back in 1906. According to the NUTmobile's website, the NUTmobile, driven by a select few "Peanutters," visits small towns and big cities all across the country. And those Peanutters gain many skills that prepare them to have successful careers. Learn more about the journey of being a Peanutter here.

Have you spotted the Planter's Peanut NUTmobile driving around Bismarck?

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