Let me just pour a quick glass of purple Kool-Aid before I get started. Ahhh, the refreshing flavor of unsupported optimism. Ok, I'm ready for it...

NFL players are willing to give up millions of dollars just to get the chance to play a part in the Minnesota Vikings quest to be Superbowl Champs this season!  Yes, these players recognized the steely determination to win this year at all costs. Speaking of costs, these two players gave up millions of dollars just to be on the team.

Yannick Ngakoue, is one heckuva edge rusher who had been signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Something pretty serious must have happened between Yannick and the Jaguars because the defensive end just signed with the Minnesota Vikings in a one year deal for $12 million.  That's mighty fine chunk of change, until you learn that he was going to be paid nearly $18 million this year by the Jaguars. That's just how excited he must be to play with the Minnesota Vikings! (writer now sips more purple Kool-Aid) Now, teamed with Danielle Hunter the Vikings have a pass rushing tandem that is in the top three of the league. So, skol to that!

With the addition of Ngakoue to the Vikings, Parkston South Dakota's very own Riley Reif,f had to reach into his pockets just to stay on the roster.  Basically the Vikings told the veteran player they could restructure his contract or they'd have to cut him. Riley's agent tried shopping him around the league with no luck.  Although the details are not yet available, one can assume Riley lost a few million.  Just to stay with the Vikings!

With Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins proclaiming "if I die, I die" it seems the Purple are all-in for that Lombardi trophy.

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks
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